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June 20, 2024 Using GIS for Equitable and Sustainable Development
June 19, 2024 BeSpatial’s Young Professional Network presents Working with ArcGIS Field Maps and Arcade
June 04, 2024 Addressing Chaos: How GeoSpatial Manages our Changing Reality
May 01, 2024 BeSpatial'24 BePrepared
April 16, 2024 ROW Risk Mitigation - Understanding the Provenance and Nuances of Boundary Data
April 10, 2024 The Location Equation for Smarter IoT
March 27, 2024 BeSpatial’s Young Professional Network presents Have your Survey123 and PDF Form Too!
March 26, 2024 Guelph’s Long and Winding Road to NG9-1-1 GIS Readiness
March 19, 2024 Coast to Coast with EagleView
March 05, 2024 Report Maps Making Themselves: Report Mapping Modernization Project
February 27, 2024 BeAdaptive - virtual event - Seneca Polytechnic Newnham Campus
February 21, 2024 GIS Management: Geospatial Business Management Challenges
February 15, 2024 Making Tracks: Sharing the Progress of Road Operations Across the Town of East Gwillimbury
February 07, 2024 BeSpatial’s Young Professional Network's Drones in Canada
January 30, 2024 Creating lasting geospatial partnerships
January 17, 2024 GIS Management Academy™ - GIS Code of Ethics for GIS Professionals
December 20, 2023 BeSpatial Ontario - Geoliday Trivia
December 14, 2023 BeSpatial’s Young Professional Network presents – GIS Holiday Trivia!
November 28, 2023 BeSpatial’s Young Professional Network's GISP Exam 101
November 09, 2023 More than the Numbers - ForestEDGE: a first in-kind geospatial platform
November 02, 2023 GIS Management Academy™ - GIS Equity and Social Justice
October 30, 2023 BeSpatial’s Young Professional Network's Mentorship Program
October 26, 2023 The City of Welland CCTV Inspection and Rehabilitation Program Development
October 24, 2023 Leveraging Geospatial Data for Health and the Environment
October 17, 2023 Automating Land Planning Applications using ArcGIS Pro
September 21, 2023 GIS Management Academy™ - Introduction to the Locus Charter for GIS Projects, Programs, and Professionals
September 19, 2023 GIS and Digital Water: Transforming the Global Water Industry,
September 12, 2023 Canadian Open Data Society & LinkDigital Present an Open Data Revolution
June 29, 2023 'Learn what I Learned' - A BeSpatial Eastern Regional Event
June 06, 2023 GIS Management Academy™ - Introduction to the Locus Charter for GIS Projects, Programs, and Professionals
May 02, 2023 BeSpatial'23 BeCreative
April 18, 2023 GIS Capability Maturity Model
March 30, 2023 City of Mississauga Migrates to the ArcGIS Pro Parcel Fabric
March 27, 2023 BeSpatial’s Young Professional Network's Working with APIs in GIS
March 17, 2023 BeSpatial’s Young Professional Network's MApps Contest
February 16, 2023 BeSpatial February Webinar: A Cloud Based Data Library for Managing Municipal Survey and Asset Applications
January 26, 2023 BeSpatial January Webinar: Region of Peel: Census Information Hub
January 17, 2023 BeSpatial’s Young Professional Network's Introduction to FME in GIS
December 08, 2022 BeSpatial December Webinar: ClickUp - A Project Management Tool
December 07, 2022 BeSpatial’s Young Professional Network's Open Source GIS with Cliff Patterson
November 23, 2022 BeSpatial November Webinar: How the Broadband One Window Online Map Based Platform...
November 03, 2022 BeSpatial’s Young Professional Network's GISP Exam 101
October 26, 2022 BeSpatial’s Young Professional Network's Professional Development and Advancing Your Career
October 19, 2022 BeSpatial October Webinar: Hamilton's Enterprise GIS Roadmap: How to Measure Progress and Report Successes
September 28, 2022 BeSpatial’s Young Professional Network's Back to School Social & Mentorship Launch
September 22, 2022 BeSpatial September Webinar: Addressing the Housing Affordability Crisis with Geospatial Data
June 09, 2022 BeSpatial Webinar: Federal Airborne LiDAR data acquisition Guideline and the USGS LiDAR Base Specification
May 04, 2022 Workshop: Application Integration in a SAAS context using FME
May 03, 2022 BeSpatial'22 BeConnected
April 07, 2022 BeSpatial’s Young Professional Network presents – GISP Exam 101
February 17, 2022 BeSpatial Webinar: VertiGIS (Geocortex) Studio for Forestry & Extractive Industries
November 17, 2021 BeSpatial Webinar: Open Data: Driving Economic Development
October 28, 2021 BeSpatial Webinar: Using High-Resolution Imagery and AI-led Vector Creation to Transform Municipal Data Procurement
October 07, 2021 BeSpatial’s Young Professional Network presents – GIS Trivia Day!
September 29, 2021 BeSpatial Webinar: Work Task and Infrastructure Projects completed with Go360 Dispatch and CrewOps powered by Location Warehouse and municipal data
June 17, 2021 BeSpatial’s Young Professional Network presents – GISP Exam 101
June 02, 2021 BeSpatial Webinar: 6 Steps to a Better Business
May 20, 2021 BeSpatial Webinar: Source Water Protection Program
May 05, 2021 Build your own Esri Operations Dashboard using open data and FME
May 04, 2021 NG9-1-1 Townhall
May 04, 2021 BeSpatial'21 Going Virtual
March 22, 2021 BeSpatial YPN’s Talk to a Geospatial Hiring Manager
December 17, 2020 BeSpatial Webinar: Alternative Data Collection and Surveillance using Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems
December 14, 2020 BeSpatial YPN December Virtual Social - Ask me anything!
December 07, 2020 BeSpatial Webinar: Visualizing Urban Density
October 20, 2020 BeSpatial Webinar: NextGen 9-1-1 and GIS
October 14, 2020 BeSpatial Northern Region Webinar: Spatial Data to Drive Value Chain Development: Economic Fibre Supply Model Case Study
September 23, 2020 BeSpatial: A Special Virtual Program Event with AGM meeting
September 21, 2020 BeSpatial Young Professional Network Fall Social
August 25, 2020 BeSpatial Webinar: Enabling better interoperability with road condition reporting
June 23, 2020 BeSpatial Webinar: Taking the Plunge into Open Source GIS
June 03, 2020 BeSpatial Webinar: Clarity from Chaos: Maps and Apps that Drive Decisions
May 12, 2020 BeSpatial Webinar - Preparing and Validating your data for Next Gen 9-1-1 standards using FME
May 05, 2020 BeSpatial: COVID-19 Virtual Town Hall
April 23, 2020 BeSpatial Webinar - Enforcing Cannabis Ordinance Using Satellite Imagery
February 26, 2020 Esri Canada GIS Partner's Session for BeSpatial's Western Region
February 20, 2020 BeSpatial Webinar - Mobile LiDAR Surveying For Municipal Infrastructure Asset Management Applications
December 04, 2019 BeSpatial Webinar - Peer Success Stories: Unlocking the Secrets of Maturity-Driven Strategy
October 29, 2019 Utilities and Municipal Assets
October 22, 2019 BeSpatial Webinar: It’s All About the Data – York Region’s Analytics Journey
September 25, 2019 BeSpatial Webinar: The Next Generation of Growth Forecasts: A Data Science Approach
May 02, 2019 FME Workshop - server technology - PM session
May 02, 2019 Intro to FME Workshop - AM session
May 02, 2019 BeSmart _Executive Forum!
May 01, 2019 BeSpatial'19 - Day 1 or 2 Full Days!
February 20, 2019 BeHealthy Event
February 14, 2019 BeEmployed Webinar
December 06, 2018 LiDAR 301 - How do I do it? Software Applications
September 18, 2018 LiDAR for Dummies Webinar: Published LiDAR Specifications and How To Use Them
June 28, 2018 Implementation of an Enterprise-wide Common Street Address Database
May 03, 2018 Preparing your Data for Smart Cities using FME 2018
May 01, 2018 LiDAR 201 - Applications of LiDAR Data
April 25, 2018 Northern Ontario GIS Users Event
November 08, 2017 Learn What I Learned
September 22, 2017 22nd Annual Geodetic Picnic
September 22, 2017 2017 Open and Smart Communities Forum
September 19, 2017 Back to School - LiDAR 101
May 04, 2017 FME and Asset Management Workshop
May 03, 2017 BeSpatial 2017
October 31, 2016 GIS-Pro 2016
May 05, 2016 BIM Workshop by Consortech
May 04, 2016 BeSpatial 2016
April 28, 2016 Peterborough Leverages Ecopia's Visual Recognition Solution for HQ Property Vector Map
April 14, 2016 Introduction to sUAS
October 20, 2015 Asset Management

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