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  • January: Utilities Webinar

  • January: Western Section Municipal Roundup
  • February: Cloud Webinar

  • March 6: Eastern Section event with EUGOG Municipalities

  • April: Northern Section event in Thunder Bay

  • May 5-6, 2020: , BeSpatial’20 at the Americana, 8444 Lundy's Lane, Niagara Falls, ON

Details coming soon!

BeSpatial issued a poll on August 14 seeking your input on program topic areas

We've heard back and the results are below;

BeSpatial / urisa ontario will be reviewing these topics of interest throughout the year. Your feedback on these program topics and suggestions for new topics is much appreciated! Contact: John

Below are geospatial and Information focused topics identified from our BeSpatial'19 post-event survey:

  • Archiving information and digitizing things for future generations. Fun themes like ways of convincing higher ups to buy into a new GIS system or feature.
  • ArcGIS Online and ArcPro demos, other municipalities with their mapping process.
  • AR, leveraging open source software/ GitHub, municipal uses for LiDAR.
  • Banking industry.
  • BIM/CIM sessions or workshop.
  • Broad swath of speakers that will be working with GIS data (multi-agency dispatchers & responders - OPP, municipal police/fire/paramedics; Bell 9-1-1; CRTC TIF committee; NENA; Esri Canada; dispatch software providers).
  • Commercial business as a theme.
  • Data and application of GIS with data.
  • Education industry.
  • Employee Focused Forum.
  • Environmental topics, include sessions on emerging industries that will affect and/or collaborate with GIS, such as AI.
  • Field Data Collection, Internet Mapping, Methodology/SOP.
  • GIS Management sessions or balancing the advanced technology with departmental stability.
  • Lessons Learned - more content about mistakes we have made in the past / what are our concerns with the directions we are headed into the future / more information on how to educate public better / more information on how to get council and government on board with implementing new ideas.
  • Lidar and drones acquisition.
  • Lightning presentations... an hr session with ~5-10 minute presentations showcasing successful GIS projects.
  • Open Government Open Data AI/Machine Learning in the spatial world.
  • Privacy and data, Future of GIS, Transit / transportation planning, new or soon to release data science tools time saving methods community engagement / partnerships.
  • Smart Cities - How/who should be involved in smart cities
  • Unconventional/expanded uses of GIS software beyond mapping.
  • Utility focused presentations would add interest.
  • What’s trending? - impacts on business decisions Artificial Intelligence and Internet of things, for example and from a Geospatial perspective. Also, intelligence driven by information through analytics / Geospatial solutions.
  • Webinar or 1/2 Full day session opportunities - Sessions were very high-level due to their short time. Would like to see some longer sessions with more detail offered.