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Interested in submitting an abstract for a presentation opportunity?

Important dates: Open for submissions year-round

The Call for proposals for the May 4-5 BeSpatial'21 event is now closed.

We are open for monthly webinars, workshops or a presentation as part of a 1/2 day Virtual Event


BeSpatial '21 - Be Resilient

Call for Presentations: Click to Submit

As competing pressures, disruptive tools and a dizzying array of new options force organizations into the future, professionals in many disciplines need to be resilient. They need to think strategically about how to prepare themselves and their organizations for a bumpy road ahead. The ongoing digital transformation changes everything we do.

Geospatial has a strong future. Your participation is an excellent opportunity for you to showcase how your organization has been dealing with business challenges by using the location of anything, which is increasingly becoming everything.

The BeSpatial ’21 virtual conference provides an opportunity for geospatial professionals to showcase their achievements, best practices and challenges preparing for and adapting to the predicted and unpredicted changes in future. 

Your participation as a speaker will help your fellow geospatial community members and other participants to look into the glimpses of the geospatial future including creative strategies, geospatial intelligence, technological trends, legal issues, open data and stewardship.


Why attend?

Our 2-days conference is designed to help geospatial and information professionals to:

   power their business by turning data into knowledge

   develop geospatial data and technology mindset

   determine how to optimize business results by implementing location intelligence

   prepare for the next wave of geospatial technologies

   find out what new developments will influence the digital transformation

   prepare for a new type of jobs which will require new skills and a high degree of adaptability

Suggested topics include, but are not limited to:

·       Emergency preparedness (e.g. flood risk, forest fires, pandemics, next generation 911, etc.)

·       Medical geospatial (e.g. infections tracking and prevention, health service delivery, etc.)

·       Healthy ecosystems (e.g. forest and wildlife management, water monitoring, conservation etc.)

·       Infrastructure planning (e.g. municipal, transportation, energy, mining, etc.)

·       Automated data collection (e.g. AUVs, UAVs, video-based monitoring, internet of things etc.)

·       Smart solutions technology (e.g. remote sensing data analysis, spatial analysis, geo-statistics, machine learning, etc.)

·       Geo-visualization (e.g. spatializing data, web-mapping, space/time visualizations etc.)

How to Submit?

Ready to submit your abstract? Questions?   Email John

The proposals should be submitted in the form of a summary and include:

·       Presentation title, author's name and contact information including position title, employer or affiliation, address, telephone and e-mail.

·       Identification of primary speaker if different from the author.

·       Summary description (no more than 300 words).

·       Author's and speaker’s biographical information (no more than 150 words).

Please note: Submissions will be used as part of the event promotions on our website, eNews and social media channels

  • Final presentations will be made available to our member's in the presentation library in our member's area on the website.

Note: abstracts will be posted online in the program highlights area as approved. The preliminary agenda with designated presentation times will be posted post March 15. 

BeSpatial / urisa ontario will be reviewing topics of interest throughout the year. Your feedback on program topics and suggestions for new topics is much appreciated! Contact: John


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