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People's choice Best Map - People's choice Best Application

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When: Wednesday May 4 & 5, 2021Register Now Button
Where:  Virtual - Annual General Meeting with a special program offering and Exhibit Showcase

MApps (Maps and Applications) People's Choice Award & Gallery

It's not too early to start thinking and planning to exhibit in the 2021 Gallery! You've worked hard to create a map or application for your organization and now is your chance to show it off to other GIS professionals and colleagues from around the Province at the annual BeSpatial'21 and program event! You have the opportunity to show off your best traditional Map design or create a layout to display your latest Web Application.

Submissions Open until March 26th, 2021

Submit MApps gallery entry

How to Participate?

Participation is easy! Simply fill in the online registration form and e-mail your digital files to the attention of member services director 

Please email as an attachment and/or provide a permanent, online link to a complete PDF or JPEG version of your map submission or application.

During the AGM & BeSpatial event, each attendee will have a chance to vote on a Map and an App. The highest vote for each will receive the MApps People's Choice Award.

Each attendee to BeSpatial will submit a ballot to indicate their choice for the People's Choice for a Map or App Award.

Everyone is welcome to participate!

The People's Choice MApps Award will be given to one map and one app.

Maps are traditional paper or material based projects and apps include Esri Story Maps, StoryMap JS, Web based application and mobile apps.

2021 Submission Deadline

March 26th, 2021, the deadline for your submission information including your digital file of your MApps submission.

To view past winners, please visit our Awards and Recognition page.

 For more information on participating in this event, please send an email to member services director

2019 App Winner

Kitchener Speed Zone Analysis

Author:   David van Riel - City of Kitchener

Software Used: FME, ArcMap, Excel

Abstract:  The City of Kitchener’s Transportation Services Division was asked to analyze the implementation of 40 km/h speed zones throughout the city which would place speed signs only at zone entrances and exits. These gateway signs would be designed to slow vehicles down to 40km/h. Different options were explored: from not implementing, multi-phase starting with higher pedestrian and cyclist activity zones, to city wide. The GIS section was tasked with providing the information and maps to assist in exploring the different options. An FME script was created to perform the geoanalysis and export the data for mapping and information purposes.

2019 Map Winner

Central York Fire Services - 2018 In Review

Author: Tammy Chung - Town of Newmarket

Software Used: ArcGIS Pro

Abstract: Central York Fire Services is a full time Fire Department that provides protection to the Town of Aurora and the Town of Newmarket, in York Region, Ontario. The department responds to approximately 5000 emergency calls each year. CYFS is made up of Emergency Response, Fire Prevention, Training, and Administration.

These maps/infographics provide an overview of two key data sets for 2018 – the number and type of Fire Incidents, and the Results of the Stay Fire Smart Program.

They were produced in-house, combining ArcSDE feature classes, and leveraging the cartographic tools within ArcGIS Pro.

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