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Best Challenge Awards

Innovation - Collaboration - Web

BeSpatial Awards 2023

Announced at BeSpatial May 2, 2023. 

BeSpatial - The Geospatial and Information Community wants to recognize you for your hard work, creativity and dedication by giving you an opportunity to apply for one of our BCAs - Best Challenge Awards descriptions below. 2023 Award Winners will be announced at our Annual General Meeting online event on May 2nd, 2023.

For past winners, please visit our Awards and Recognition Page

Categories and Best Challenges Awards Descriptions

Best Public Sector GIS - Geospatial and Information Services

The Best Public Sector Geospatial and Information award is presented to organizations that have demonstrated the use of geospatial and information services (GIS) in improving effectiveness and efficiency in enhancing business solutions and decision focused-support through analytics, applications, technology and visualization for public sector operations. BEST PUBLIC SECTOR APPLICATION

Best Innovation in GIS - Geospatial and Information Services

The Innovation in GIS award is presented to individuals or organizations who have newly demonstrated or refined innovation in a geospatial and information (GIS) related application including analytics, technology, visualization or smart initiatives through a specific piece of work or project. INNOVATION IN GIS APPLICATION

Best Web GIS - Geospatial and Information Services

The Best Web award is presented to organizations that have demonstrated advanced online mapping capabilities including analytics, technology, software and visualization that enable publishing and sharing of geospatial and information services through the integration and/ or improvement in delivery of services of multiple business systems BEST WEB GIS APPLICATION

Apply for best public sector award

Fill in to submit for innovation in GIS award

Submissions closed for 2023.

Winners will be announced at BESPATIAL MAY 2, 2023

BeSpatial reviews the award categories each year to better align with our current community's  direction.

If you would like to be involved with this initiative, please contact: BeSpatial

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