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GIS Capability Maturity Model

  • April 18, 2023
  • 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM
  • Webinar


  • Qualifies for CPD professional credits
  • Qualifies for GISP credits
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GIS Capability maturity model 

Date: Tuesday, April 18, 2023, Noon to 2:00 PM


Workshop will be led by Greg Babinski

Greg Babinski is Marketing and Business Development Manager for the King County GIS Center in Seattle, where he has worked since 1998. Previously he worked for nine years as GIS Mapping Supervisor for the East Bay Municipal Utility District in Oakland.

He holds an MA in geography from Wayne State University. Greg is a GISP Certified GIS Professional. Greg is Past-President of URISA and founder and Past-Chair of URISA’s GIS Management Institute. In 2005 he founded The Summit,  the Washington State GIS Newsletter. Greg originated the URISA GIS Capability Maturity Model and participated in the development of the Geospatial Management Competency Model. Most recently Greg has focused on the application of GIS for issues related to equity and social justice. He is co-author of the URISA-Certified Introduction to GIS for Equity and Social Justice Workshop. 
Greg’s Ethical GEO Fellowship allowed him to develop GIS for Equity and Social Justice Best Practices that further the aims of the Ethical GEO fellowship program.

In addition to his work for King County, Greg is a GIS consultant, researcher, author, and instructor. He has spoken about GIS management across North America, Europe, Asia and Australia. Greg also taught GIS for Public Policy at the University of Washington Evans Graduate School of Public Administration. In his spare time, Greg likes hiking steep, narrow and dangerous trails that lead high above the clouds to awesome views.

Goals and objectives of this workshop

This workshop introduces a variety of GIS maturity models in common use throughout the geospatial community. It will focus on the GIS Capability Maturity Model (GISCMM) as tool for GIS management, operations, and tracking. Through hands-on exercises, workshop attendees will complete an initial assessment of their own GIS operation.

Enterprise GIS is expensive to develop, maintain, and operate. Even small-to-medium-sized cities, counties, and regional agencies have invested millions of dollars to develop their GIS capabilities, and they can have large annual operating budgets. Many recent third-party studies have proven that GIS delivers significant financial return on investment (ROI) to organizations that deploy it as an enterprise business-support tool. However, almost no GIS operation would be considered to be 100% implemented. In fact, most enterprise GIS operations lack important resources to meet all of their potential business needs, their sustainability is uncertain, and ROI varies depending on the maturity of their GIS management practices.

The GIS Capability Maturity Model will be described, along with its relationship to the USDOLETA Geospatial Management Competency Model.

Workshop attendees will receive copies of the GISCMM. An exercise will be conducted during the workshop, during which attendees will be asked to perform an initial assessment of their agency by applying the GISCMM. This workshop will be of value to those interested in the development, implementation, and use of GIS management professional standards and best practices.


IT directors/managers, GIS managers, decision makers, and operational personnel interested in understanding the overall state of their GIS operations.

Topics Covered

  • What is a capability maturity model?
  • A survey of GIS capability maturity models
  • Origins of the GIS Capability Maturity Model
  • The Geospatial Management Competency Model
  • Theory of GIS Management
  • Development of the revised, peer-reviewed GIS Capability Maturity Model
  • Exercise: The GIS Capability Maturity Model—Step by Step
  • Methods of displaying and comparing results
  • Exercise: Attendee discussion and feedback

Prerequisites and Recommendations

No prerequisite. Recommended for GIS managers, consultants, and academics interested in understanding GIS management.

What You Will Receive

  • 2 hours of instruction from Greg Babinski, who is a subject-matter expert and workshop author.
  • A copy of the workshop presentation and exercises.
  • Upon completion, a signed completion certificate which will indicate the educational credits/points earned.
  • An invitation to periodic GIS management Q&A sessions with the instructor and other workshop attendees.

Note: Further GIS Management Academy workshops will be offered by Greg at BeSpatial' 2023 as part of your BeSpatial with workshops registration option.

Interested in offering a Webinar?  Contact Wendy for details.

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