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    • May 04, 2021
    • 8:00 AM (EDT)
    • May 05, 2021
    • 1:00 PM (EDT)
    • Virtual

    BeResilient Logo BeSpatial'21

    When: May 4 & 5, 2021 8:30 AM, EDT - Program sessions until 1:00 PM with afternoon sessions: a NG91-1 Townhall on May 4 and a Consortech  FME workshop on May 5 and much more...

    Note: This is a 1 full virtual event being offered over two 4 hour days with the additional option to attend an afternoon workshop or other special sessions as planned

    Where: Virtual

    The Geospatial and Information Community's  AGM, Annual Program,  Executive Presentations and Expo 

    BeSpatial'21: Resiliency: A glimpse into the geospatial future with strategies for geospatial and information professionals.

    Click here: Program Highlights

    Note: Please register separately for workshops once they have been announced.

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    • May 04, 2021
    • 1:35 PM - 4:00 PM (EDT)
    • BeSpatial'21 Virtual - ZOOM

    NG9-1-1 Townhall

    3 Municipalities with Esri Canada share their experiences.

    You may have heard that Next Generation 9-1-1 will introduce significant enhancements for your city’s public safety operations, but are you aware of the role you will play in its success? A common misconception is that NG9-1-1 will only affect the work of emergency departments; however, this CRTC mandated initiative will have far reaching impacts on many municipal departments. The countdown to NG9-1-1 full implementation is already underway - Make sure your team is ready! 

    In this townhall, three municipalities: City of Guelph, City of Kingston and  Government of Yukon  will discuss the findings from their respective NG9-1-1 readiness studies will take a deeper look at how Next Generation 9-1-1 extends past emergency services and how it impacts other municipal departments and stakeholders. We will highlight the commonly occurring obstacles for governments in getting ready for NG9-1-1 and what can be done to overcome these barriers. 

    Key Points for Discussion

    1. Explore what the NG9-1-1 changes will mean for city departments like Planning, Public works, and Finance. 

    2. See examples of Canadian municipalities preparing for NG9-1-1 and some of their lessons learned. 

    3. Learn how you can prepare your departments now to avoid common obstacles and make your city’s NG9-1-1 transition a success.

    Moderator: Alex Brossault, Program Manager, GIS and Data, City of Guelph

    is an experienced GIS professional with more than 26 years of experience focusing on GIS in local, regional and provincial government in public safety, public works, transportation, planning, land information, forestry and field data collection systems. Alex successfully develops GIS implementation plans and effectively executes GIS implementation strategies. Alex is a gradute of Sir Sanford Fleming College.

    Panelist: Mike Bartholomew, GIS Analyst, City of Guelph

    Mike Bartholomew has been working in the municipal and private GIS field for 30 years. For the last 18 years he has been employed with the City of Guelph’s GIS team. Where one of his key responsibilities is the administration of property and address information. Throughout his municipal career he has supported various Fire Services needs through data provision, acquisition, and system/user support and business process analysis. Through his passion for GIS and eagerness to share his knowledge and experience Mike has had the opportunity to travel to the eastern Africa countries of Mozambique and Tanzania as technical lead in the design, develop and implement GIS systems. He has currently began adding Cyber Security to his portfolio after realizing the disparity between traditional IT security roles and future security needs within the industry.

    Panelist: Phil Healey, Manager, Enterprise GIS Services, City of Kingston

    Phil Healey is the Enterprise GIS Services Manager at the City of Kingston. Throughout his career, he has provided data and geospatial support for the Kingston community and surrounding regions. He has extensive knowledge and experience in the use and application of geospatial data and technologies to assist in the integration of GIS within infrastructure planning, design, and construction projects. In his role, Phil handles a broad spectrum of requests from the community and has had an instrumental role in the planning and development of Kingston's municipal road and addressing systems, as well as the implementation of the municipality's enhanced 911 system. With a background in planning and urban design, Phil embraces the challenge of producing smart and sustainable solutions to advance the City of Kingston into a spatially enabled environment, including advanced mapping, data analytics, and customer services.

    Panelist: Niki Parry, Manager, Geomatics Yukon & eServices Portfolio Manager, Yukon Territory

    Niki Parry is the Manager of the Geomatics Yukon unit at the Government of Yukon where she leads the team responsible for the government’s spatial data infrastructure, system integration, and GIS departmental support. She has been working as a GIS professional in the Yukon for more than 22 years with the territorial government, federal government and private sector.  Niki has an undergraduate degree in Geography from UBC and a post graduate GIS diploma from BCIT.

    Panelist: David Hamilton, Industry Manager, Public Safety, Esri Canada

    David Hamilton is the Public Safety Industry Manager for Esri Canada. His efforts are focused on advising customers how to use GIS technology to improve all areas of public safety, specifically (NG)9-1-1, law enforcement, fire services, emergency medical services, emergency management, and search and rescue. Prior to joining Esri Canada in 2010, David managed the GIS for E-Comm 9-1-1 in Vancouver for 10 years, and worked for the RCMP at the Integrated Security Unit for the 2010 Olympic Winter Games where he managed their Common Operating Picture.

    The Townhall event is hosted by BeSpatial'21.

     For information on how you may participate, please contact:  BeSpatial
    • May 05, 2021
    • 1:35 PM - 4:00 PM (EDT)
    • BeSpatial'21 Virtual - ZOOM

    Workshop : Build your own Esri Operations Dashboard using open data and FME

    Objective: Improve your FME skills, build even better workspaces, get some practical experience.

    Prerequisite: General knowledge of FME,  Logistics details will be provided for software access.

    We will learn of advanced FME topics and finish the day with some challenging exercises where you get to apply your new skills.

    Topics we will look at:

    ESRI’s Operations Dashboards are a simple, user-friendly way to report and monitor your organizations performance, status, and advancement of activities of all kinds. To provide meaningful insight, however, your data must be reliable and kept up to date, which FME technology can help with in the background!

    This workshop will teach you how to leverage FME and the ESRI Operations Dashboard technologies to create an accessible dashboard for your organization. You will look at different ways to update data.

    At the end of this workshop, you’ll be able to:

    • Create a dashboard using the ESRI Operations Dashboard;
    • Connect FME and ArcGIS Online;
    • Structure your data to create a Dashboard;
    • Structuring your data in FME.

      Presenter: Lesley MacKenzie, Senior Business Analyst at Consortech

      Lesley MacKenzie graduated from McGill University with a Bachelor of Arts in Geography. She is passionate about geomatics and has been working in the field for over 15 years. Her main focus is leveraging ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) with the context of data workflow and process optimization.

      At Consortech, Lesley provides consulting, training and solution design services on various GIS and IT platforms including Safe Software’s FME Desktop and FME Server. Her motivation lies in helping her customers develop automated data workflow processes so they can focus on the fun stuff, real GIS work! Lesley was one of the first specialist in North America to obtain Safe Software’s FME Certified Trainer and FME Certified Professional certifications.

      The 3 hour workshop event is sponsored by Consortech and hosted by BeSpatial'21.

       For information on how you may participate, please contact:  BeSpatial

      • June 02, 2021
      • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM (EDT)
      • Webinar

      BeSpatial Webinar -  6 Steps to a Better Business

      A lot of geospatial entrepreneurs – like so many other technical business owners – started their business because they love what they do. Then comes reality: long hours, unpredictable revenue, and trouble building (and keeping) the right team. I started my geospatial business in 2007 and learned the hard way. Now a certified business coach, I’m excited to offer this content-rich webinar for geospatial professionals.

      The Six Steps seminar is a 100% 'NO FLUFF' zone. You can expect to learn useful and practical ideas that are working for people in business today.

      You’ll see how you can get valuable time back to do more of the things you want to do. I’ll share practical strategies you can take and implement in your business right now.

      We'll cover everything you need to do to build a commercial, profitable enterprise that works without you... starting with mastering key business fundamentals, optimizing your marketing spend, and setting up systems that will save you time, energy and money. If your business is going to grow in 2021, don't miss this webinar!

      For business owners and managers who need to increase profits, take back control of their time, and find and keep good people on their team - this presentation shows how to work ON your business instead of IN your business. I'll cover six clear and actionable steps you can follow to make your business work - so you don't have to!

      Presenter: Caitlin Blundell, Certified Coach, former BeSpatial Programs Director

      Speaker Profile:

      As a business growth specialist, Caitlin works with business owners who have a strong desire to reach new heights. She gives owners back their freedom through smart, systematic business development using the proven ActionCOACH methodology.

      Caitlin will help you achieve more using proven tools, methodologies and systems, tested and perfected over tens of thousands of businesses worldwide over the past three decades. She will hold you accountable for your results and, just like a sports coach, push you to perform at optimal levels.

      Interested in offering a Webinar? Contact John for details

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