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  • February 02, 2020 1:35 PM | Sandra Crutcher (Administrator)


    • When: Date of event: Early May 2021 - TBA
    • Where: TBA


    Visit booth #11

    Teranet is an international leader and pioneer in electronic land registration systems and commerce.

     Teranet is the exclusive provider of Ontario’s online property search and registration. We developed, own and operate the Ontario Electronic Land Registration System – one of the most advanced, secure and sophisticated land registration systems in the world. Teranet also provides online access to Ontario’s Writs System.

    Teranet also offers a complementary suite of innovative solutions for a number of key industries, including real estate, financial services, law, and government and utilities.

    Teranet continues to grow its global footprint. A Teranet affiliate entity holds an interest in Foster Moore International Ltd, a New Zealand-based global market players in the government register sector.

  • January 31, 2020 2:54 PM | Sandra Crutcher (Administrator)

    BeSpatial'21 - rescheduled due to COVID-19

    • When: Date of event: May 2021 TBA
    • Where: TBA 
    A Featured Executive Forum Presentation

    Kalyan Chakravarthy, Chief Information Officer, Durham Regional Municipality

    Insight Statement:  AI utilization in public sector and how it is helping us in channeling our thoughts into building smart and intelligent cities.

    Kalyan Chakravarthy(KC) is Chief Information Officer for the Regional Municipality of Durham. In this position he is responsible for establishing and implementing a long-term technology strategy for the Region. KC has over 20 years of experience in private, public and not-for-profit sectors. He graduated his MBA from Smith School of Business and did a certificate course on Artificial Intelligence from MIT.

  • January 30, 2020 1:13 PM | Sandra Crutcher (Administrator)

    BeSpatial/ urisa ontario is inviting you to join us at its 33rd Annual program event, executive session and EXPO. Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity to hear some of the best in the industry speak on the importance of geospatial information and to showcase their initiatives! 

    Click here to take a look at the preliminary program. Don't forget to bookmark this page as news of presentations will be announced soon!

    Date: May 5, 2020 - May 6, 2020
    Location: The Americana, 8444 Lundy's Lane, Niagara Falls, ON

  • January 30, 2020 12:30 PM | Sandra Crutcher (Administrator)

    BeSpatial'21 - reschedulef due to COVID-19

    • When: Date of event: May 2021 TBA
    • Where: TBA

    Summary of early bird registration options: View here   (Closed pending new date/location)

    All early bird registrations are entered into a draw for an opportunity to win this year's amazing prize- a Bose Wireless speaker: 

    Bose SoundLink Revolve+ Splashproof Bluetooth NFC Wireless Speaker - Black

    Register (Closed pending new date/location)

    Attendees receive a special rate on accommodations. For details: Click here

  • January 29, 2020 4:43 PM | Sandra Crutcher (Administrator)

    We are thrilled to announce Biju Misra, Director, Transformation/Operations at Enbridge, a recognized transformation and strategic leader as the keynote speaker on day 1 of our annual BeSpatial event.

    As competing pressures, disruptive tools and a dizzying array of new options force organizations into the future, professionals in most disciplines need to be resilient. They need to think strategically to prepare themselves and their organizations for a bumpy road ahead. The ongoing digital transformation changes everything we do.

    Our 2-days conference & expo is designed to help geospatial and information professionals to:

    • power their business by turning data into knowledge 
    • develop geospatial data and technology mindset
    • determine how to optimize business results by implementing location intelligence
    • prepare for the next wave of geospatial technologies
    • find out what new developments will influence the digital transformation
    • prepare for new types of jobs which will require new skills and a high degree of adaptability

    At BeSpatial'21, Biju will share his perspective on transformative change, innovation and leadership. He will highlight the importance of teamwork and building high impact teams, critical to enable resilience as we tackle the challenges and opportunities entering the 2020s!

    Insight Statement - Biju Misra

    We are living in times of unprecedented disruption changes in the world around us. Innovation coupled with globalization and interconnectedness is fueling disruption which in turn is driving change in how we live, work, and play. The pace of change is much faster than our ability to absorb. The pace of change will only keep increasing.

    In this increasingly demanding and changing world, it is easy to become overwhelmed and have varying degrees of personal or professional setbacks. How we cope with setbacks in our lives play a major role in our mind and body well being. Building our resilience muscle is key to cope with setbacks and resilient people are able to leverage their skills to cope and recover.

    Everyone reacts differently, however, the key is not to dwell on how far we have fallen but rather how high we can bounce back and be better and stronger than before. Resilient people don't let change or challenge stop their pursuit of their purpose and if anything, they keep going with a belief that tomorrow will be better than today. In many ways resilience is more about letting go and learning to grow. The positive side of all this is that resilience can be learnt through understanding and deliberate practice. 

    If you’re eager to be part of this exciting agenda, you are invited to submit for a presentation opportunity at the geospatial and information community's annual Ontario event. Click here to submit your abstract. 

    In addition to the submissions received for the BeSpatial'20 rescheduled event, we invite you to submit for BeSpatial'21. Deadline for submitting abstracts is extended to March 12, 2021

    BeSpatial'21 overall theme is Resilience

    Resilience ( ri-ˈzil-yən(t)s)

    • an ability to recover from or adjust easily to misfortune or change
    • the ability of a substance or object to spring back into shape; elasticity
    • the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness

    Resilience is made up of five pillars: self-awareness, mindfulness, self-care, positive relationships & purpose.

    The Day 1 theme is “A Glimpse into Geospatial Future”
    The Day 2 theme is “The Future of Work”

    Program Highlights - bookmark and check the page often as more details will be coming soon!


    • When: Date of event: Early May 2021 TBA
    • Where: TBA
  • January 29, 2020 11:39 AM | Sandra Crutcher (Administrator)


    • When: Date of event: Early May 2021 TBA
    • Where: TBA

    A few speaking opportunities are available, contact: John for details.  

    Submit your abstract

    Day 1 theme is “A Glimpse into Geospatial Future” - dedicated to geospatial data and technology implementation presentations

    Day 2 theme is "Creative Strategies for Geospatial and Information Professionals" will emphasize strategic approaches to new technology implementations, location-based intelligence and workforce management.  

    Sneak peek at the BeSpatial'21 Day 1 offerings

  • January 29, 2020 9:00 AM | Hanna Sjostrom (Administrator)


    • When: Date of event: Early May 2021 TBA
    • Where: TBA

    You've worked hard to create a map or application for your organization and now is your chance to show it off to other GIS professionals and colleagues from around the Province at BeSpatial AGM! You have the opportunity to show off your best traditional Map design or create a layout to display your latest Web Application.

    Submissions Open - carried over until March 27th, 2021

  • January 28, 2020 12:09 PM | Sandra Crutcher (Administrator)


    • When: Date of event: Early May 2021 TBA
    • Where: TBA

    Developing a data sharing portal with FME and GeoCortex

    The Region of Durham, Ontario, hosts and manages a number of datasets and wished to share them with municipalities within the region through a web application developed on GeoCortex. With the help of Consortech, the Region of Durham was able to streamline requests from GeoCortex and provide a self-serve data sharing solution for key stakeholders in the Region. In the backend, FME plays a pivotal role from processing requests from the web application utilizing the FME Server REST API to maintaining and updating shared data through automated scheduled tasks.

    Presenters :

    Lesley MacKenzie, Senior Business Analyst at Consortech

    Rob Halko, GIS Supervisor at Durham Region

  • January 24, 2020 11:53 AM | Sandra Crutcher (Administrator)


    • When: Date of event: Early May 2021 TBA
    • Where: TBA

  • January 21, 2020 12:50 PM | Sandra Crutcher (Administrator)


    • When: Date of event: Early May 2021
    • Where: TBA

    To view the sponsors package: Click here

    To view the exhibitor details and floor plan: Click here

    For more details, contact:  BeSpatial'21

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