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Mohamed Nishath, MBA

BeSpatial director - Logistics & Exhibits

(2019-21) Year 1 of 1st term
Email: BeSpatial

Senior Product Manager - Government & Utilities

Teranet Inc.

Wendy Baldin. GISP

BeSpatial director - Project Management

(2019-21) Year 1 of 1st term
Email: BeSpatial

Senior Spatial Scientist 

GEO Morphix Ltd.

Wendy has been a member of BeSpatial / urisa ontario since 2007.  She attended the University of Waterloo and in 2001 obtained a Bachelor of Environmental Studies in Geography, specializing in Information Technology and GIS.  In 2015 Wendy obtained her GISP designation.

During her professional career of 20+ years, Wendy has worked for Lafarge Canada, Central Lake Ontario Conservation, GHD Canada, and most recently is employed with GEO Morphix Ltd as their Senior Spatial Scientist.

Wendy is thrilled to join the BeSpatial team and will be providing co-director and co-chair support for the BeSpatial AGM program event, executive forum and Expo held in May.

Mohamed has been involved with BeSpatial / urisa ontario since 1999. He graduated from the Kellogg-Schuligh joint Executive MBA program in 2009 specializing in Finance, International Business and Sustainability. He also holds a degree in Statistics and Masters in Software Engineering, and is a Certified Information Security Manager.

During his professional career of 25+ years, Mohamed has worked for Orion Technology Inc., Trimble, Caterpillar, Rolta, Esri Canada and most recently is employed with Teranet Inc. as the Senior Product Manager for Government, Utilities & Commercial Sectors. He is passionate about creating solutions and solving problems for various industries in today's hyper connected world by leveraging spatial intelligence with big data, IoT & ML/AI Technologies.

Mohamed is excited to join the BeSpatial team and will be providing co-director and co-chair support for the BeSpatial AGM program event, executive forum and Expo held in May.

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