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BeSpatial'20 AGM September 23rd - SAVE THE DATE

September 23, 2020 1:11 PM | Anonymous

The BeSpatial association will be hosting a special virtual "members only" event to carry out the business required for its 2020 AGM (Annual General Meeting). 

Following the September 23 AGM business meeting,  a presentation featuring our northern director,  Paul Beach from award winning Sault Ste Marie Innovation Centre’s Acorn Information Solutions (AIS) Group that will highlight the Sault Ste. Marie's GIS Based Vulnerable Persons Registry.

The Sault Ste. Marie Innovation Centre’s Acorn Information Solutions (AIS) Group and the City of Sault Ste. Marie initiated discussions concerning the development of a Vulnerable Persons Registry (VPR) after the unfortunate passing of Lewis Wheelan during the 2003 North American electrical grid blackout. Lewis had passed away during the blackout because he was electric dependent, needing air conditioning to cool his body.

Through significant efforts and partnership building, AIS launched the Salt Ste. Marie VPR in 2011. The VPR is a  free, voluntary and confidential registry for persons at greater risk during an emergency or disaster. A secure communication tool provides GIS based data to local first responders and the local power distribution company with the key information they need to help increase one’s safety during the following situations: power outages, home emergencies and large scale emergencies.

Best Challenge Awards ceremony and Lightning Round for BeSpatial'20 Sponsors and Exhibitors

A Best Challenge Awards ceremony will be held at this event.  There will also be a lightning round opportunity will be available for BeSpatial'20 sponsors and exhibitors. Contact Andrew for details.

Not a BeSpatial member but interested in attending?  Update your membership status today!

Apply for membership   Membership will cover the remainder of 2020 and the full year 2021.

Keep your eye out for more information and registration is now live for members. New members are welcomed!


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