1. Data Analytics, Open Data and Smart Business Decisions - Panelists

February 24, 2019 1:18 PM | Anonymous

1. Data Analytics, Open Data and Smart Business Decisions


 Dr. Tracey Lauriault

Assistant Professor of Critical Media and Big Data, Carleton University

Insight:  Data and related data technologies are core infrastructure for cities and are more that IT and operations, and I would argue that smart city technologies should be part of urban plans and be discussed with residents...

 Ed Rubinstein

Director, Environmental Compliance, Risk & Sustainability, University Health Network (UHN)

Insight: The use of “smart building” technologies and analytics holds a lot of promise for both optimizing building operations and managing energy use. However, implementation of smart building technologies can be challenging for older and complex buildings such as hospitals. There is a great potential for smart buildings in healthcare and some good results to date.

  Ian Williams

Manager, Analytics & Innovation, Toronto Police

Insight: The Toronto Police Service innovation and analytics approach has found success in integrating it’s Enterprise GIS system to deliver solutions within the organization. 

  Jan Kestle

President, Environics Analytics

Insight: We live in an era of evidence-based decision-making. Businesses and governments alike are expected to use data and technology to make better and smarter decisions... stay tuned as more to come from our featured Keynote in next eNews.

 Moderator,  Jury Konga

Ambassador, Open Knowledge Canada

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