2017-19 Board of Directors

Missing: Brock Kingston, Dianne Adams and Scott Barbacki

Past Presidents at 30th Anniversary May 2017

Top to bottom: Lou Milrad, Sandra Crutcher, Jury Konga, Ron Jaros, Nigel Roberts, Lena Gomes, Al Little and current president: Catherine Fitzgerald

Missing: George Lysenko, John Houweling, Donna Edwards and Catherine Baldelli

Catherine Fitzgerald


(2011-19) Year 2 of 4th term
Email: President

Al Little, GISP

Past President 

Email: Immediate Past President

Sandra Crutcher

Executive Director

Past President (90-92)
(1989-1992) (ED since 1998)
Email: Info


Dianne Adams, GISP

Director, Finance

(2017-19) Year 2 of 1st term
Email: Finance 


Melanie Wawryk, GISP

Director, Membership

(2014-18) Year 2 of 3rd term
Email: Member Services

Miriana Strajin

Director, Programs

(2017-19) Year 2 of 1st term
Email: Programs

Caitlin Blundell

Director-at-large, Programs Advisor

(2015-19) Year 2 of 2nd term

Email: Director-at-Large

Jasna Filipovic

Vice President & Director, BeSpatial

(2012-19) Year 2 of 3rd term
Email: BeSpatial

Scott Barbacki

Director, Communications

(2017-19) Year 2 of 1st term
Email: News

Irene Rubinstein

Director, Education

(2017-19) Year 2 of 1st term
Email: Education

Andrew Lyszkiewicz

Director, Strategy and Outreach

(2017-19) Year 2 of 1st term
Email: Strategy and Outreach

Jeremy Luymes

Director-at-large, Web

(2013-19) Year 2 of 3rd term
Email: Web & Job Board


Susan Muleme Kasumba

Director, Eastern Section

(2016-19) Year 2 of 1st term
Email: Eastern

Melanie Wawryk

Director, Western Section

(2017-19) Melanie: Year 2 of 1st term

Email: Western

Kyle Murdoch and Brock Kingston

Directors, Northern Section

(2017-19 Year 2 of 1st term

Email: Northern

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